Cavity of a wooden sauna
Sauna in the middle of Hong Kong. A cavity with wavy shapes enclosed in a box

The Finnish architecture studio AVANTO and the architect Hiroko Mori, through the design of a sauna, with curvilinear shapes inside and rigid outside, decide to show a piece of Finland in the chaotic city of Honk Kong

The sauna project, named Sauna Kolo, which means "cavity", aims to symbolize the Finnish quietness in the frantic Chinese city. Seen from the outside, the sauna appears as a simple solid wooden box, which is in contrast to the free curvilinear shapes of the interior space

Wooden sauna in the center of a city

The round shape is reminiscent of the social aspect of the sauna, where people used to gather around the stove in a circle. The result is a calm nest in which to take refuge, with excellent acoustic properties and a fascinating texture

Wooden sauna in the center of a city