Terrace with swimming pool and deck chairs
Renovated house from the 80s. Wooden shell for the first floor

A house from the 1980s located in São Paulo was completely redesigned by the Arthur Casas architectural studio and acquired a new appearance thanks to the use of wood and the numerous new openings with which the sturdy building is equipped.

The project, a renovation of a house designed in the eighties, provides a narrow, deep volume with a robust structure and few openings. Small gestures manage to make the home more fluid. Numerous openings are enlarged to let sunlight in and create views of the garden. The communal areas are redesigned upon request of the customer. The house includes a kitchen, a living room, bedrooms, service areas and a garage.

Living room interior with natural lighting

The main entrance is through a corridor that runs along the sides. The pool has been increased and a circular skylight has been created in front of the entrance door. A swimming pool and a pergola characterize the outdoor spaces. The façade is divided into two parts horizontally, one on the ground floor and the other with organic wooden forms. The organic form of the wooden part softens the existing forms. These forms create a cooler atmosphere for the house.

Living room interior with natural lighting