Wooden interior kindergarten nest
Multi-story nursery school in Paris optimizes the city's surfaces. A wooden net wraps around the building

The city of Paris has inaugurated a major multi-story building dedicated to early childhood and designed by BFV Architectes, capable of ensuring greater environmental performance and optimizing the use of space in the city thanks to vertical distribution

In an effort to create new kindergartens in response to a shortage of space, the City of Paris envisions an unusual scenario in which the kindergartens are spread across a building of more than 4 floors. Each floor has large south-facing balconies and an outdoor playing area. On the ground floor there is always a lovely little garden with trees

Building with wooden net around

The building features a sleek figure. The concrete facade is covered by a special wooden net to form a porous wall that provides protection from prying eyes and direct sunlight. Due to its shape and the nature of the facade, the building is a landscape element on its own merits and a wonder in the urban environment. The building features very bright spaces in which air and light circulate

Building with wooden net around