Wooden dwelling
H-shaped wooden house. Local trees maintained and incorporated in the project

The project, by Benjamin Gon i Arquitectos, in collaboration with Claro + Westendarp arquitectos, stands on a sloping hill and it'is divided into 3 different volumes, leaving a space as an access patio and making the most of the light and panorama

The client's desire was for a home that would greatly facilitate family life and in which different activities could coexist without disturbing each other. The project is organized in 3 different volumes. Two parallel bodies generate a plan in the shape of H

Wooden house among the trees with swimming pool

In the central part there is an access patio, between the two main volumes. The sunlight and the panorama are exploited to the maximum. The swimming pool and a limited lawn area are also projected in the space between the two volumes.

Wooden house among the trees with swimming pool