Wooden cabin in nature
A Cabin from the '60s is renovated. Larch cladding and aluminium profiles

The Swedish architectural studio LLP Arkitektkontor located on the Bjärehalvön peninsula in Burensvik on the Baltic Sea is being renovated and extended in length, equipped with new windows and new openings with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape

 A cabin, dating back to the 60s is renovated on the Swedish peninsula and extended in length, keeping the same width as the original cabin. New French windows have been added on the west side and a new window opening on the south side view

Wooden cabin facade with larch panels

A large bedroom with a view is added. The whole building has been clad in wood, with larch panels, while the roof is made of aluminium. The window profiles and sheet metal are made from recycled aluminium

Wooden cabin facade with larch panels